Why We Waited Till Delivery

For those of you who don’t know, hubby and I waited till delivery to find out the gender of our baby! Here’s why…

The Hospital Bags

I looked at tons of peoples hospital bags lists and finally put mine together hoping not to bring too much but wanting to still be prepared. So here’s what I’m glad I did pack and what I didn’t need to pack in my hospital bags. 

Getting the House Ready for Baby

I started baby prepping very early along in my pregnancy. Couldn’t help it. I’m a planner and need to be prepared. In the last few months of my pregnancy though I started working only 4 hours a day which left me with a lot of time on my hands and I definitely took advantage. Here’s…

Things No One Told Me About Having a Baby

I have worked with kids for several years, have built relationships with those children’s parents and did a bunch of research about pregnancy, delivery and postpartum life. However, there are still things I had to learn the hard way, or at the least be surprised by. So let me share some things with you…

Alaska Dity: Phase 4

This is the final leg of our trip! We drove through 2 National Parks in Canada and we started and finished the Alaska Highway.