This Week with Baby: 4th of July

This is the first week I started doing planned activities with my baby girl! This week we celebrated the 4th of July.


Book: Look, Look! by Peter Linenthal


Activity: Independence Practice
{Motor Skills}

For the first month I did put baby down sometimes but now it’s time to practice playing “independently” for short periods of time. You can also put the play mat on the floor and lay next to baby while they move around and stretch their limbs. I lay her in the pack n play so the puppy doesn’t get to her if I’m trying to get some chores done.



Book: D is for Democracy: A Citizens Alphabet by Elissa Grodin


I will be choosing several books that aren’t “baby books” to read to baby. I’m doing this for a few reasons. 1 I don’t actually have that many baby books. 2 A lot of the baby books I have aren’t much fun to read. 3 Choosing a book from any reading level will help me know which books I have when I do themed weeks in the future.

Activity: High Contrast Cards

You can buy some high contrast cards and other materials but its just as easy to make them yourself with a marker and some index cards. No need to be an artist, your baby won’t know the difference! I ended up using the cards just after breastfeeding since it was just about the only time she’s content enough for it.



Book: U.S. Presidents: The Oval Office All-Stars! by Dan Green


We only read about George Washington not every president in the book 🙂

Activity: Plate Painting

I learned this at daycare but babies usually hate doing art projects until around the time they’re able to sit up on their own. However, sometimes it helps to start earlier just so that they can get used to the textures and materials. A little sitting practice never hurt either 😛 Later on in the week we’ll be making a paper plate drum out of these painted ones.



Book: Richards Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever – Pip Pip Goes to London


Activity: Nature Smell Walk
{Outdoor/Tummy Time}

Some mornings we go to the dog park so puppy can run around. While we were there this week I grabbed some flowers and a bit of pine tree for her to smell during tummy time when we got home later.



Book: The Story of London by Richard Brassey


Activity: Independence Day Songs

I found this playlist of patriotic songs by the Kiboomers on youtube for kids. They had some really great songs! If you get a chance check out the Kiboomers page on youtube. They have tons and tons of songs for kids!


Book: Abraham Lincoln by Caroline Crosson Gilpin


Activity: Mirror Play

We were going to do tummy time ON a mirror today since i thought it’d be easy for her to see herself moving. Then i realized she likes to throw and drop her head around so I didn’t want her hurting herself lol We sat in front of the mirror in the bathroom instead 🙂



Book: I’m A Little Teapot by Iza Trapani

This was my favorite book this week! I found it at the thrift shop near me but it has several versus in the book that explore different cultures and destinations. Baby girl listened to me sing the whole book twice without fussing so win for me!


Activity: Paper Plate Macaroni Drum

I took the paper plates we painted earlier in the week and made a macaroni drum for baby girl. Hubby ripped open a box of pasta and it went all over the floor so trying to repurpose the dry pasta. Just took a handful of pasta and a few drops of hot glue to put the drum together. I was doing most of the drumming 😛 but she got a few hits in herself. If nothing else she could hear the sound and felt the texture of the plate when she managed to brush across the plate.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks activities! We should be doing weekly activities from here on out so come back next week to see more 🙂

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