What I Bought During the First Month with Baby

As prepared as I thought I was for baby there were still some things we ended up buying during baby’s first month.

Larger Pump Bottles

My spectra pump came with 5 oz pump bottles. This worked for the first 2 weeks but after that I was producing so much I would need to pump, pour the milk into a larger bottle and pump some more. This really became a pain in the butt. So I ended up ordering a set of 9 oz bottles which made things a lot more convenient.


Like I said in another post I never really wore bras before baby or during pregnancy so by the time I had baby I only had 2 or 3 bras. Laughable considering how much leakage and dribble happens! I now have 10 bras and I think that should be good…for now.

Smaller Pads

I read a lot about postpartum healing downstairs and most people said that you need the heavy flow, super long, overnight pads in the beginning. Not me. By the time I left the hospital I was barely bleeding. Bleeding enough to need pads but not nearly enough to walk around in that big of a pad. The depends I had were more comfortable than those suckers. Anyway, after about a week I decided to buy much smaller pads and ended up just cutting the super long ones to be shorter so I could still use up what I had left over.

Bottle Warmer/Cooler and Sterilizer

This was actually the hubby. Never asked for either but they definitely come in handy. I keep the bottle warmer/cooler on my nightstand. I usually only use the cooler part for when I pump at night but every now and then when baby just won’t sleep I’ll give her a bottle instead of breastfeeding. {{CODE2}}

The sterilizer was nice for a quicker clean for all those times I forgot to run the dishwasher (which takes 2 hours to run a cycle) or didn’t empty the bottles in the fridge for the freezer. Now if I’m in a rush all i need to do is clean stuff with some soap and water and toss them in the sterilizer for 10 minutes. Stuff comes out pretty wet but breastmilk is like 80% water or something right? {{CODE3}}

Disposable Nursing Pads

I did buy reusable nursing pads. They worked well enough for the first couple of weeks but after that I started pumping less during the day. Baby was awake more, I was getting behind on the chores and sitting down to pump was at the bottom of my list. So my nursing pads would soak through not to mention it’s summer time and those things don’t wick moisture at all. Doesn’t help the nips heal in between feedings when they’re chilling in sweaty breastmilk :/ eww. I had received a few samples of disposable nursing pads and ended up using them whenever all of the reusable ones were dirty. These things are the bomb diggity! I’ve tried the Avent, Lansinoh, and Nuk pads and they were all wonderful. I even used the Lansinoh ones for 2 whole days and overnight and they were still working! I still use the reusable ones but if I’m leaving the house for a while I wear the disposable ones. {{CODE4}} {{CODE5}}

Milk Storage Bags

I had a crap ton of storage bags for the breastmilk before baby. I figured they would last me a decent amount of time…nah. It’s been a month since baby (only 3 weeks since I’ve been pumping) and I’m down to my last pack of 50. Gonna need to keep stocking up on these puppies.

Hope this helps give you an idea of what you may need to get before baby to make things easier for when they arrive <3

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