My Baby Activity Planner

Alright, if anyone knows me they know I love making lists, planning things and organizing. So of course I had to make a baby planner!

I just bought a regular notebook and, while I was still pregnant, drew in a monthly and weekly calendar for as many pages as the notebook allowed. The purpose for the notebook wasn’t to schedule every day necessarily but to help keep me from being lazy when I was home with baby.

Having worked at daycares before I know that it’s important to do activities with baby in order to help them develop. At the daycare we had a weekly planner including daily fine motor, gross motor, sensory and literary activities. I wasn’t trying to do all that. Especially not for an infant. Excessive. Instead I just wanted to make sure that I read at least 1 book to baby and did 1 activity with baby a day. This way I could still keep up with her development but also keep up with the house and the puppy.


For the first month I didn’t plan any activities for baby. This time was dedicated to getting on a schedule, getting better at breastfeeding and getting to know my new baby. So in the weekly calendars during the first month I noted any holidays or major events and the 1 book I read to baby each day. Noting different holidays also helps to plan any themed activities throughout the year to keep things from getting boring or repetitive. I used to find some random, fun holidays each month to help too.


Since I had an extra square on the weekly calendar pages I made a “to do this week” section. I usually used this to prep for the following week so I wouldn’t forget to get supplies or mail something off.


I also looked up milestones for each month of development and wrote that on the back of my monthly calendar page just so I could gauge where baby was and so I could plan to do activities based on what she’s able to and would soon be able to do. I used the back of another page to list some ideas for activities that I found online so that I wouldn’t have to look up ideas each time I wanted to plan for the week.



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