Where I Went Wrong Prepping for Baby

I just posted about all that I did getting the house ready for baby. But now that I’ve been home with baby for a few weeks here are some of the ways I went wrong…

Organizing Babies Clothes


As you can see I really organized the babies clothes so it would be easy to grab the size i needed. However, I organized a small amount of clothing because we didn’t know the gender so we didn’t want to get too much. The problem is we ended up having a girl and everyone has since loaded us up with tons of girls clothes. Too many to be organized this way so I had to change things up.




I freed up that bottom drawer getting rid of the changing station because we rarely ever go in there yet to need a changing station. Now the dresser is full of clothes from newborn to 9+ months.

The Nightstand

I knew there had to be some tricks to setting up the nightstand area but I wasn’t sure what I would need. For the first week I just had the lamp, the cooler bag with ice packs and a bottle, plus some snacks in the drawer. I also kept the diapers, wipes and changing pad on the bottom of the bassinet. This didn’t come close to cutting it.


I’ve since added a tv tray to give me more space. I use the basket for her changing station. Trust me, walking that couple of steps to the dresser or bending down under the bassinet in the middle of the night when you’re exhausted with a crying baby is too much. Hubby also bought me the bottle cooler and warmer. I tend to just use the cooler part for when I pump at night but occasionally I just give her a bottle instead of breastfeeding. A very important thing I was missing was my pump! I mainly breastfeed baby at night so I didn’t think I’d really need the pump. Wrong! I was leaking all over the place and waking up soaked and hella full! Now I boobie feed her and when she falls back to sleep I pump the rest out. And lastly, I’ve been using a wipes container to hold 2 clean bottles just in case, the lids to my pump bottles in case I pump a ton, 2 burp cloths, her paci and a pair of clean nursing pads for the morning.


The Breastfeeding Basket


This was a good idea in theory but this just didn’t work for me. For one, I never remembered to grab the basket when I’d go feed somewhere. I thought maybe having 2, one for the living room and her bedroom, would make it easier but still no. It’s never within arms reach and after a week the supplies dwindled and they didn’t get restocked. Also, I still generally need 2 hands to breastfeed so it wasn’t like I had a free hand to use any of the items anyway.

Hope this helps any mommy’s to be get organized for baby <3


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