Why We Waited Till Delivery

For those of you who don’t know, hubby and I waited till delivery to find out the gender of our baby! Here’s why…

For one it didn’t matter to either of us whether we had a boy or a girl. I wouldn’t have been particularly happy or sad about it either way so waiting and finding out when we were both emotional and exhausted seemed like it’d be a more satisfying way to find out.

Secondly, most of my family wanted me to have a girl. I don’t blame them because girl stuff is just so much cuter than boy stuff. However, if we had found out and announced that we were having a girl, people would have gone overboard with getting us clothes instead of some of the practical items we actually needed.

Lastly, it was just plain fun! Everybody wanted to know and it killed them not. We ended up having some fun conversations about what it’d be like to have a girl or a boy. If nothing else though it was just worth seeing everyone so surprised that we weren’t even tempted to open the gender envelope from the ultrasound. I couldn’t even remember where I had put it for a while 😛

It wasn’t inconvenient not knowing the gender sooner. Just about everything we had for baby was gender neutral which I wouldn’t have wanted anyway. Not forever but theres no reason a girl needs to have everything be pink and a boy everything blue. They won’t know the difference. The clothes were the only things I went out and bought girly things of just because they were too cute not to. She still wears all her boys clothes that we had bought before I just try to put a bow on her when we go out <3

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