The Hospital Bags

I looked at tons of peoples hospital bags lists and finally put mine together hoping not to bring too much but wanting to still be prepared. So here’s what I’m glad I did pack and what I didn’t need to pack in my hospital bags. 


I only had going home outfits and a few pairs of extra underwear for each of us in this bag for clothes. I had brought a pair of flip flops for each of us that we didn’t use. Extra socks I definitely didn’t use, just  went barefoot the whole time after having baby.

And as far as toiletries go I had brought some q-tips for hubby, mints, my razor, nursing pads, some extra hair ties and headband and make up, none of which we used. For the most part we used the rest of it: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, lotion, baby wipes, dermoplast, and lanolin.

For baby we brought 2 hats for boy and girl since we were finding out the gender when I delivered, 2 plain white onesies to go home in, newborn and 0-3 month sizes, plus a blanket and some things we printed out for her announcement photo. We didn’t end up using the onesies at all because family had gone out and bought some newborn clothes while we were still in the hospital.


I think the only things we didn’t use from this bag were the baby book and the bag of change. People kept saying that the baby sleeps most of the day when they’re born so you have all this “free time”…no. Both of you are exhausted after delivery! Not to mention that you need to feed baby every 2 hours, change your pad every 1-2 hours, you need to eat still and nurses will come in and out of the room all the time to check on you and give you your meds. So there was no “free time” during my visit. Every opportunity I had, just about, I was sleeping.

I brought my noise canceling headphones and iPod with my labor and delivery playlist. I didn’t use the headphones during delivery but I don’t know how I would have managed with the contractions before getting to the hospital without the headphones and music to distract me a tiny bit.

I was definitely glad I brought the portable fan. Once I started pushing in the hospital I got very hot and it made things so much worse so I had hubby prop it up for me.

I did end up using the iPad just a few times. I had downloaded some new movies beforehand thinking we would have free time but instead I used it while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding takes a decent amount of time. They want you to feed 15-30 minutes on one boob then however long they want to feed on the other. Doing this when you’re exhausted is difficult. Watching a movie definitely helped keep me awake and I still watch stuff on my iPod when I’m feeding at night just so I don’t accidentally fall asleep with her in the bed.

Extra long charging cords is a must and we brought a battery pack just in case which I ended up using for the iPad since I didn’t buy a long cord for it.

And lastly we used the reusable bags to help us carry out some of the extra things the hospital gave us.

What I didn’t show in the pictures was that I had also brought my pump and boppy pillow just in case. The pump I didn’t use at all but the boppy pillow was definitely nice to have at the hospital. The pillows they have really aren’t sturdy enough to use for feeding and it’d be a pain to move them around and stack them to get them to be usable.

Hope this helps a little!

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