Getting the House Ready for Baby

I started baby prepping very early along in my pregnancy. Couldn’t help it. I’m a planner and need to be prepared. In the last few months of my pregnancy though I started working only 4 hours a day which left me with a lot of time on my hands and I definitely took advantage. Here’s what I did to get the house ready for baby.

One of the first things I started was packing the hospital bags. I obviously needed to repack the bag once I got closer to my delivery date but it made me feel better to know it had been started.

I also started stocking up on lots of items! Not just baby items but stuff for the house too like toilet paper, spray cleaner, trash bags and laundry detergent, etc. We ended up using to get the subscribe and save items for most things. I was assuming, not just stockpiling, but also having things delivered regularly would help us out and leave us with a few less things to have to worry about getting at the store.

Then I set up diaper changing stations all over the house…

There were a few things I did just for me too.

Don’t forget the to go kits!

Bathroom and kitchen organizing…

And last but not least, the freezer stash! I had over 80 servings of meals made up in here, and all vegan 🙂


I was as ready as I thought I could be <3

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