During my trip to Rome I also went on a day trip to Florence! 


I paid to go with a group of people so we met up at the train station, got our tickets and took the train out to Florence. The trip was supposed to be several hours long including a tour of the city, a museum tour and lunch.

I definitely wore the wrong shoes so after only a little bit of walking around my ankles were starting to give out. We were also standing in line waiting to get into the museum for what seemed like forever! I’m not into museum art that much anyway so I asked to leave to walk around on my own and meet everyone at the restaurant for lunch. So I did!


One of the only things I really wanted to do was go to the cathedral. This building is magnificent on the outside! You can’t tell from the pictures since I was at a distance but I’ve never seen a building with so much detail on it.


I decided not to go into the church though because the line for that was also crazy long. If you do go into the church there is a way to get to the very top of it to get views of the city. However, there is a bell tower right outside of the cathedral that you can walk up. The bell tower is only a few meters shorter than the church itself and as an added bonus, when you get to the top you can get views of the city AND views of the cathedral so double win! Well worth all the stairs 🙂


Warning about Florence though: Everywhere in Europe people warn you about pick pocketers but in Florence the gypsies are REAL intense about getting in your personal space to get your stuff. I just didn’t engage with them on any level and they seemed to leave me alone for the most part. Just be extra mindful of your stuff in the crowds.

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