Telling hubby I’m preggo!

So about 4 months ago I found out I was pregnant and let me tell you I was NOT excited about it. We were definitely not planning to have kids, at least anytime soon, and it was really just inconvenient timing, not like it’s ever good timing right? We had just finished a dity move to Alaska and I hadn’t started working again yet so we were short on funds. Since I wasn’t working yet I would only be able to spend a few months saving up whenever I did start working before the baby arrived. We had planned to go on some trips to Asia since we were a bit closer but that would still be too long of a flight with a baby and a mess of a trip I imagine. We had just moved even farther away from family than we were when we lived in England if you can believe it. And finally, I was just looking forward to having no responsibilities for a while since I had just finished my degree. So yes, finding out I was pregnant was not good news for me.

It took me a few days after I found out to tell my husband the news. Firstly, because I was hoping the 3 home pregnancy tests I took were false positives (unlikely) and secondly, because even though I wasn’t excited about it I still wanted to share the news with the hubby in a fun way.

So for our September Date Night I organized a scavenger hunt with a few clues spread around the house that would lead him to the new baby room. P.S. props to me for being able to convince the hubby that we should get a convertible crib that weekend without him realizing that I was wanting to buy it because I was pregnant. I told him it’d be a good idea to use it as a regular bed for now when guests come visit and then we can turn it back into a crib whenever we do decide to have a kid.

ANYWAY, I followed hubby around with a camera while he followed the clues and the look on his face when he realized I was pregnant was just amazing!

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