Alaska Dity: Phase 1

The moment we stepped off the plane it was hot and humid! We were not prepared lol But eventually we made it to the hubby’s family’s house and we were able to rest our weary bones.


We were so lucky to have time to spend and relax with family and we got to do a lot of fun things on this trip!



This was my first time kayaking and it was so relaxing but also amazing exercise! Plus the day was beautiful for it…well, in the beginning at least. On the way back to the car we got hit with a lighting storm and had to pull off out of the water for a while. Paddling through all that rain was not fun especially since the rain made it oh so cold!


We survived though and I would definitely do it again!


Whiteface Mountain


I had originally wanted to go to NYC for a day while we were there since I’ve never been but we decided on a much less stressful day trip to Whiteface mountain. On the way we stopped by the North Pole in New York knowing that we were going to be living close to the North Pole in Alaska soon. The hubby was thrilled with the Christmas music being blasted throughout the parking lot too 😛 (So much sarcasm!)


We drove up most of the way but unfortunately it was VERY foggy out when we went.



When we did make it to the top it was actually pretty neat for the visibility to be so limited because you could stare off into the white blankness and just disappear for a bit.


I actually sat and recorded the whiteness for a while and got super lucky because at some point the clouds parted and you could see for miles! Amazing 🙂



On the way back home we stopped by some caves and wandered around exploring a little bit more. I can’t remember the name of the caves but the road to get to them was a bit murderesque to say the least. Thankfully they had put up signs along the way reassuring people that the caves were in fact coming up and not to be deterred.



The hubby also taught me how to shoot a gun for the first time! We had a bit of a slow start however because he told me to close one eye and look through the site thing to line up the shot and for the life of me if I closed one eye I couldn’t even see through the thing. Turns out I was closing the wrong eye! This might have been the blondest moment I’ve had to date guys. Anyway, I finally figure it out and did pretty well!


Niagara Falls

We started our road trip on the 18th of August! We need to drive from New York to Michigan so it was quicker to drive through Canada and we got to stop and see Niagara Falls. I’ve been before when I was younger on the US side but the hubby had never been before.


Niagara is definitely better from the Canadian side if you’re able to get over there by the way. Also, someone told us that there is a camera somewhere at Niagara that live streams so your family can see you there.


We were extremely touristy at this point. Not only was it THE HOTTEST but we had no one to impress either. We just wanted to get through the crowds, take our pictures and get out of there! So yes, hubby and I both had out adventure hats on, we both had our cameras around our necks and of course I was carrying a tripod and sporting my fanny pack (BEST THING EVER!!! :D)


After Niagara we kept driving till we got to my grandparents house in Michigan and we finally got to rest again!

Phase 1: Complete! About 600 miles down and 4,400 to go 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.07.17 AM.jpg

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