Life Happens

Oh my goodness everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything but life happens right? Let me give you a quick update for now and hopefully I can get caught up with all of my posts soon.

#1 We made it to Alaska!

We finished our 5,000 mile road trip which was amazing! I haven’t even had the time to post all of those pictures to Facebook yet so I’m slacking all over the place. Anyway, it was an amazing trip and well worth the time and energy it took making our way up here. We’ve been in Alaska now since September and it’s definitely been an interesting experience so far but I’ll make a post for that too later on.

#2 I’ve started working again!

I took about a year off of work after getting married in order to finish my Bachelors degree, get the house ready for the big move and have all the time we needed to make our way up to Alaska! Now I’m working at the daycare on base which I’ve been doing for the past 3-4 years at previous bases and I’m loving it 🙂

#3 We got a puppy!!!

Her name is Chloe and she’s a Border Collie/Catahoula mix O_O Hyper like nobodies business! She’s been an amazing help keeping the hubby and I in good spirits and on good terms with one another. Having something so positive and neutral to talk about when we’re not happy with one another definitely shortens the amount of silent treatment we give each other.

And last but probably most important…

#4 I’m pregnant!

We were definitely not trying to conceive so this was a huge surprise for both of us and the first trimester was hell so thankfully I’m about half way through the pregnancy and things are more manageable but let me tell you, I. Am. TIRED! Like all the time haha so working full time and taking care of myself and this crazy dog takes up a lot of my time but I’m going to get better 🙂


Hopefully all of y’all are doing well too! Talk to you again soon <3

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