Alaska Dity, Series

Project 333: Part 2

Week 3 and 4 of my PCSing project 333! 

I’m still having fun with this 😀 It’s becoming a bit more challenging to come up with new outfits and what’s making that more difficult is that we are now in New York and it is way hotter and more humid than it was in England so I can’t layer much or wear my warmer clothes but I managed to get another 14 different outfits in again! I did let myself count my PJ pants as an item one day since it was the day my lady days and sickness attacked me but otherwise I’ve been good!

Week 3 (18 Items)

1 Running Pants ~ 2 Outdoor Pants ~ 3 Black Leggings ~ 4 *PJ Pants* ~ 5 Black Thermal ~ 6 Gray Short Sleeve ~ 7 Flannel ~ 8 Thin Blue Sweater ~ 9 Flower Shirt ~
10 Black Lace Short Sleeve ~ 11 Tan Jacket ~ 12 Rain Jacket ~ 13 Black Sweatshirt ~
14 Black Dress ~ 15 Walking Shoes ~ 16 Sandals ~ 17 Black Purse ~ 18 Fanny Pack

Week 4 (16 Items)

1 Black Dress ~ 2 Black Leggings ~ 3 Outdoor Pants ~ 4 Black Shorts ~
5 Green Long Sleeve ~ 6 Black Short Sleeve ~ 7 Flower Shirt ~ 8 Flannel ~
9 Blue Long Sleeve ~ 10 Blue Short Sleeve ~ 11 Winter Accessory ~ 12 Sandals ~
13 Walking Shoes ~ 14 Black Purse ~ 15 Fanny Pack ~ 16 Burgundy Purse

So Far 28 Total Different Outfits

Another bonus to doing this challenge is it’s keeping me from shopping now that I’m in the states. The plan is to downsize to a 33ish item, 4 season wardrobe (only including tops, bottoms and dresses) when we finally get our household goods so I’m keeping that in mind when I’m out and see things I would normally want to buy. I would also really like to start only shopping second hand so I may go to a thrift shop to pick up a few things that are missing from my wardrobe BUT I wont wear any of them until the challenge is over!

Week 1 and 2 of the PCSing Project 333 Challenge is here!

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