International Flight Vegan

So we just flew over to New York from England on a Delta flight and I wanted to make sure I stayed vegan on the plane! 

Let me say first though that I am just the worst when I’m hungry. Not just when I’m hungry but also if I’m craving something and I have recently addicted myself to McDonald’s fries so I was detoxing these past few days 😛 I’m not even sure if I could have chosen a vegan option on the plane (last time I tried to chose online it wouldn’t let me) but I also didn’t want to use any plastic during my travels either. And by use I mean dispose of any plastic because I definitely brought some plastic containers with me! So on the flight I didn’t take any snacks, meals or drinks offered, not even the warm towel. I’m not sure this made any difference in waste reduction but I figure they can’t heat every meal or towel at once so maybe I saved just a little bit of waste. Who knows. ANYWAY…here’s what I did:

What I Brought Through Security

I put some left over snacks from lodging into some ziplock bags we already had so I ended up with some ritz crackers and some cheerios. I also bought 2 Cliff bars since they’re so calorie dense just in case I was on the verge of starvation 😛 The hubby ended up buying some deli meat from the commissary (tisk tisk!) BUT I got to wash out the little containers when he was finished to take with me to hold my snacks so they didn’t squish! I also filled one of the little plastic toiletry containers with the twist off lids with some left over peanut butter for some extra calories. I was planning to eat the peanut butter with crackers BEFORE getting on the plane in case someone had allergies but I didn’t get around to it. AND I brought my reusable water bottle so I just made sure that was empty before security and filled it up at a fountain right after.


The military booked us at a surprisingly fancy hotel next to the airport where I could eat more than plain bread for breakfast! Orange juice, green cleanse juice (VERY effective!), cantaloupe, avocado toast with grilled mushrooms and 2 hash browns with ketchup. I was a very happy camper 😛


What I Bought After Security

When we got through security I went to EAT and found unpackaged fruit! I grabbed 2 bananas, 2 peaches and an apple.


After grabbing the fruit we sat down at the Pilots restaurant so I could fill one of my containers with something vegan for the flight.


I ended up getting the Superfood Salad without chicken or cheese and it was absolutely disgusting…the menu didn’t mention that it had pumpkin seeds as well as pomegranate seeds in it which was just…unbearable for me SO I brought that on the plane and tried to shovel it down but clearly didn’t make a dent in it. I even tried to put some salt and pepper in it but that almost made it worse…sad day!


What I Actually Ate on the Plane

2 Bananas
2 Peaches
1 Apple
1 Oatmeal Raisin Cliff Bar
10ish Ritz Crackers
1/2 cup Cheerios
Maybe 5 bites of the Quinoa Salad

Honestly I wasn’t hungry with all the food I ate on the plane. I think flying messes with you anyway so I probably couldn’t tell I was that hungry if I was. I didn’t feel hungry until after we picked up our bags and started driving so I think it worked out 🙂

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