Avocado & Red Potato Salad

This was kind of a Chopped challenge for me, except without the timer or any super crazy random ingredients!

I went to the Commissary hoping to make sandwiches to bring back for dinner but the sandwich bar was closed so I improvised. While I was improvising I decided I wasn’t going to buy anything that came with packaging. I ended up coming back with some red potatoes, an avocado, a cantaloupe, an apple, cilantro, some bread and 2 tomatoes…I have no idea.

I already had some bell peppers in the room, some garlic, salt and pepper and some salad dressing. So here’s what I ended up making…


4 Red Potatoes
1ish Bell Pepper
1 Avocado
1 Clove Garlic
Salt & Pepper
Hot Sauce

I chopped up my red potatoes and put them in a pan, mind you I have no oil so I added some water in the hopes that they wouldn’t stick to the pan. The hubby also can’t stand the texture of mashed potatoes so I couldn’t fully boil them either. When the potatoes did start sticking to the pan I added in some Zesty Italian salad dressing since it was the closest thing to oil we had. When the potatoes had cooked a bit I added the chopped bell peppers and a clove of garlic. When all of that had heated through I mixed in maybe 3/4 of the mashed avocado with salt, pepper, cilantro and a little hot sauce. I then threw it the freezer to make it cool down a whole bunch so we could eat it cold. It was probably room temperature when we had it but I did have it later after it had been sitting in the fridge and it was really good! I surprise myself sometimes 😛


It’s not the most appealing looking meal but I was happy 😛 If you guys have any vegan potato salad recipes please share them in the comments below!

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