Homemade Lotion

I did quite a bit of searching for a homemade lotion recipe and this one has worked for me so far! 

The lotion I make uses olive oil (carrier oil), coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and vanilla. There are various types of carrier oils you can use which moisturizes your skin. I just use oil oil because it’s something I always have in the house so I don’t need to buy anything extra. Coconut oil is apparently anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and protect against sunburn. The Shea butter is pretty similar since it also protects against sunburn but it’s also anti-inflammatory and helps repair skin problems. The Beeswax is meant to lock in the moisture although it would also block moisture from getting in and the vanilla was added originally because it’s supposed to reduce stress and anxiety.

The post where I got this recipe is no longer up but I did write it down so here it is:

Original Recipe for 12 oz

3/4 C carrier oil
6 tbsp coconut oil
6 tbsp beeswax
6 tsp shea butter
3 tsp vanilla extract

You’re supposed to melt all of the ingredients over a double broiler but I’m lazy so I throw everything in the microwave. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU MICROWAVE THOUGH! Heat the mixture 30 second to 1 minute at a time. I definitely over heated mine probably by a minute and it was literally popping oil around in the bowl for a while after I had taken it out. In retrospect the beeswax probably would have finished melting in the mixture without continuing to microwave it for as long as I did. I think I had mine in for 4 minutes…don’t do that lol

This last time I made lotion I used 6 tbsp of shea butter instead of only 6 tsp. I think it’s helped tone down the oiliness just a tad. Next time I make the lotion I’ll probably skip the vanilla extract as well. It didn’t combine into the lotion as well this time and I’m not sure it makes too much of a different in the smell of the lotion overall to bother with it. I may also try a small batch without any beeswax too. I think it probably helps the raise the melting point of the lotion for warmer climates but I’m about to move to Alaska so I’m not going to have that problem. PLUS the beeswax is a “pain” to melt in with the other ingredients even in the pellets. It’s not that bad but it’d be SUPER easy to make the lotion without it. I’m also trying to reduce my waste and I haven’t found a beeswax that comes in compostable packaging (I also haven’t looked that hard…) but I’m not sure it’s that necessary anyway but we’ll see.

The last batch with the extra shea butter filled the two jars which might be around 3 cups. Later on I melted the lotion in the smaller jar a poured a little in an empty Altoids tin so I can take a little with me in my purse AND have a carry-on size for flights.


I do love using this on my legs especially after I’ve shaved. My skin burns a bit usually after I shave since it’s super dried out from the water and then obviously irritated from the shave itself. Store bought lotions somewhat lessened the burn but I used to have to ride it out but this lotion really takes the brunt of it for me! I’ve also used this lotion on hubby’s feet and they look way better now. When I run out of chapstick I will also be using this as a chapstick 🙂

If you guys make your own lotion please share the recipe with me in the comments below!

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