Amsterdam is probably the most interesting city in Europe!

I really wish I had spent more time in Amsterdam than I did. The first time I went with my mom and one of her friends when I was in high school so it was quite PG.

We did walk through the red light district and you can’t avoid seeing the girls working in the windows (not all of which were entirely female…) and we were invited several times to watch a “show”, which was obviously declined with me being there.

We also went to the Anne Frank house which was pretty amazing. You really must book your tickets in advance though because the line is ridiculous!


On the trip we walked by some salt and pepper shakers, which I NEEDED in my life haha I didn’t get them that time though.


The second time I went to Amsterdam was with the hubby and some of his high school friends. We went to the Heineken factory on this trip where the hubby got extra servings of beer because I don’t drink it so he was happy!




We also came home with a wonderful new addition to the table 🙂

1375205_10200665555866749_1657617757_n (1).jpg

The only thing thats not my favorite about Amsterdam is all of the smoking. People were either smoking weed or cigarettes and I can’t stand the smell of either and with asthma and a week stomach it was a struggle sometimes.



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