Travel Sewing Kit

Having a little sewing kit with you can help you avoid some embarrassing moments!

I wear a lot of leggings but lets face it, those things aren’t very sturdy. I usually find rips in the crotch an thighs after a bit and I never notice the holes until I’m going potty, which is usually when I’m already out somewhere. Walking around with a hole in your pants is not cute. So I made this travel sewing kit to keep in my purse just in case. I wish I would have had this in high school with all the random rips and tears I got in the middle of the day!


I “recycled” one of my old prescription bottles to hold everything in my kit. I used to have an actual sewing kit forever ago but now all of those items are in a different box. It’s very unorganized and messy though so this was a great solution for fixing things quickly. I was also able to just grab a few items from the larger box to make a travel kit with. I don’t actually keep the swiss army knife in the bottle with everything else but it’s usually on my keys so I always have it with me anyway. It does however fit in the bottle with everything else! If you wanted to save a bit more room you could ditch the bag holding the buttons and just put the buttons in there loose.


If you don’t already have a sewing kit or know someone who has an excess amount of sewing supplies you could “borrow” from, there is usually a craft section at thrift shops where you can find just about everything you would need! Instead of using a pill bottle you could also “recycle” an Altoids tin or whatever small container you have around the house.

The other bonus to having a sewing kit is that you can repair your clothes several times before having to replace them. I am no expert seamstress by any means but patching a hole is too easy!

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