Albacete, Alicante & Valencia

The hubby went on a TDY to Albacete before we got married so I took a trip down to visit! 

Spain is gorgeous and if we had more time in Europe I would love to go back there a few more times. Albacete was where we stayed at a hotel and we took a day trip to Alicante and another to Valencia.






Paella is incredible! One of the best meals I’ve ever had actually. I wasn’t vegan at the time but I have made vegan Paella since and it’s still very good! The tricky part for me is getting the rice to cook perfectly but I’ll keep practicing 😛




This trip was really nice because all we did was wander around with no real agenda. We knew we wanted to go to Valencia but other than than we just looked around and found things to do and see. We tanned for a bit near the beach, walked up the mountain in Alicante to get amazing views, and did some shopping for the wedding. It was also nice to be in Albacete and Alicante because they aren’t super major tourist destinations. Great trip overall!

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