Project 333: Part 1

This is what I wore for the first 2 weeks of my Project 333 challenge! 

This first two weeks of this challenge went pretty well I think. I’ve been checking the weather every morning to make sure I’m wearing something appropriate and to avoid needing to change. I have been trying at least not to wear the same top twice in one week just for diversity’s sake but there have been days where it’s been really hot so it was unavoidable. I’m really glad I decided to include my black dress in this project because without having to force myself to wear it I’ve “needed” to for a few special occasions already. Regardless of special occasions though I’m going to try to wear it once a week if I can.

Week 1 (15 Items)

1 Black Shorts ~ 2 Running Pants ~ 3 Outdoor Pants ~ 4 Black Leggings ~ 5 Sandals ~
6 Walking Shoes ~ 7 Blue Short Sleeve ~ 8 Black Short Sleeve ~ 9 Blue Long Sleeve ~
10 Green Long Sleeve ~ 11 Black Lace Top ~ 12 Blue Sweater ~ 13 Black Sweatshirt ~
14 Black Dress ~ 15 Black Purse

Week 2 (17 Items)

1 Black Shorts ~ 2 Running Pants ~ 3 Black Leggings ~ 4 Outdoor Pants ~
5 Black Short Sleeve ~ 6 Flannel ~ 7 Gray Short Sleeve ~ 8 Black Sweatshirt ~
9 Black Lace Top ~ 10 Tank Top ~ 11 Black Thermal ~ 12 Fleece ~ 13 Black Dress ~
14 Winter Accessory ~ 15 Blue Short Sleeve ~ 16 Fanny Pack ~ 17 Black Purse

So far 14 different outfits

It’s been fun trying not to wear the same thing twice because it forces me to get creative with what I have which really expands my wardrobe. It’s also making me think about the ridiculous amount of clothes I have that I shipped to Alaska so I’m trying to work through things that I can donate when we get there. I did keep a lot of the clothes I shipped just because I really don’t know what -50 °F feels like soooo…I’ll probably keep most of it at least through the first winter and see what I really need. Looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks go 🙂

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