Moving Day!

This was a wonderful day! Getting all of our stuff out of the house was like a weight off our shoulders and it didn’t even take long. The movers decided not to unpack anything that I had already packed, which was nice. They said that they have to mark that they packed all of the boxes anyway but since I labeled the boxes so specifically they didn’t feel like they needed to go through them. They even left the rubbermaid containers as is so those were just wrapped up in the packing paper.




I definitely got lucky this time but I’m not sure if the next set of movers we get will be just as excited I had packed up the house already. We felt a bit useless standing around while they packed up the rest of the house (I know, it’s their job but still). We asked if we could help and they said they were good so the hubby and I played some uno in the yard and took some pictures 😛




It only took 6 hours from start to finish and we couldn’t be more thankful because it was SO hot that day! The time you need some clouds in England they just aren’t there -_-

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