The Calendar

I don’t think I would have made it through these last few months without this calendar!

With all of the PCS appointments, trips and school deadlines I needed this calendar to keep up with everything. I’m a very forgetful person and the hubby asks me the same questions 30 times so this way I don’t have to store any data in my noggin! I just printed out some blank calendars and filled them in accordingly. I only printed out 4 months though. It started in June the month before the packers came and will end in September when we’ll actually get to September. I wanted to keep the calendar going for the road trip were starting in August just to keep up with where we should be when to help us keep track of how much time we have.


This is what the calendar looks like now. Lots of scribbles and mess! I was even able to write notes on the left side of the page early on for things that should be done sometime in the month. That way when we made appointments we had a general timeframe. Since there’s no where to post the calendar up now that our stuff is gone we’ll put them in the PCS Binder.


*BTW there is a Solar Eclipse happening in the states on the 21st of August! Don’t wanna miss that <3

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