The PCS Binder!

The hubby got this for me for my birthday last year because he knows how much I love my binders and organizing with them! This one turned out to be perfect to use as our PCS binder. This is where we keep all of our paperwork, notes, and documents to make sure that everything would be in one place so that nothing got lost in the chaos. What made this even better than a regular binder is that it zips closed so nothing would fall out!


I put a lot of dividers in here and little tabs when I first set this up for the hubby to help keep it organized but he clearly did what he wanted with it (throw things int here randomly) but that’s ok! As long as it ended up somewhere in the binder 😛


The divider tabs were labeled like this…

  1. Blank
  2. Checklists
  3. Orders (because you need so many copies!)
  4. Medical
  5. Auto
  7. Expenses
  8. Travel Documents
  9. Personal Documents
  10. Other


We also put a few lined sheets in the front so he could quickly take notes when he was getting briefings or instructions from different offices while trying to out-process.

When we fly out we will remove only the most important documents from the binder and put them in a smaller file to keep in our carry-on bags and then we’ll put this binder in one of our suitcases to make it easier to travel with. This way we still keep all of our documents with us for the trip.

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