PCS Pre-Packing

They tell you not to do this but I did anyway… Moving is a great chance to go through all your stuff and make sure you aren’t dragging any junk along with you so I started packing so that I could organize a bit and go through our stuff to make sure junk didn’t end up in our boxes. I figured that if everything had to be repacked by the movers then the probability of like items being packed together would be greater. I also labeled pretty specifically what was in all of the boxes I packed and color coded them (I know, way too much time on my hands!) but I figured that would make them very easy to tell apart when we get to the new house. I went to the Commissary and picked up some egg boxes for free and went to it! So here are a few pictures of my crazy packing…




I didn’t pack absolutely everything in the house but just about all of it. A lot of stuff was organized in plastic containers which we already had to organize things with in the house. I will take pictures of all of the boxes so that I can keep track of how many boxes I packed and what was in them too. Doing this also made it really easy to photograph some of our larger items like furniture and electronics that way we can show the condition they were in before the move. We will just email the photos to ourselves so we can access them if we need them later on.

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