I’ve been to London several times but it’s not my favorite place for whatever reason. I really haven’t been able to put my finger on what about London I don’t really like but I’ll tell you about my trips anyway 😛


I went to visit my Dad and brother who were stationed in England when I was living in Germany and they took me to London. The Olympics were being held in London that year so the city was busy getting ready but we just walked around some of the major landmarks. There was a festival going on in the city but I’m super claustrophobic and the music was painfully loud so I was pretty anxious for a bit there…






This time we went to the Christmas Market in London and the lights were nice but it was nothing compared to a German Christmas Market so I was a tiddlebit disappointed. BUT we got on a ferris wheel even though I’m afraid of heights (so many fears!) and we got on the spinning wheel where the floor drops out from under you 😛 That was fun!







The hubby made some friends while in-processing and we went with them to London since they had never been. I didn’t take any pictures that time cuz honestly I would have rather of been home BUT in my defense we were seeing the same major landmarks I had seen before so no need for the camera. The trip itself was a bit of a mess. The hubby hopped off the metro to go potty and right after the metro left so I was sitting with strangers with no phone trying to figure out what to do. Turns out the hubby had jumped back on the metro in another cab before we left so we managed to get back together. Then on the way home there were tons of strikes going on so the metro wasn’t stopping at the stops we needed. So we had to get off somewhere to catch a bus to another stop but every person we asked told us a different train number. After a few hours of that we finally found a bus, finished metroing to our car and got home…it was not fun.


I stopped by Greenwich on one of my selfie trips which was really nice. The views were great from the observatory and the show was very interesting. I did drop my camera on that trip but thankfully it was just before I was about to head home so it wasn’t too bad.


2016…Jeez I went to London a lot!

I did my very first 5k in London. The Color Run was happening and I had been running quite a bit before so I figured I could manage! The music was great but I was not prepared for that run haha Definitely needed to be running more than I was in preparation so lesson learned for next time 🙂





2017 (Last one I promise!)

This year I went with family to go see the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theater. First we stopped in Soho to get Chinese food for lunch. While we were eating a cockroach climbed onto the table though so…that was unsettling.


Then we made our way to the theater for the show which was really great! This was the first show the hubby and I had ever been to and even he liked it 🙂 Worth going into London one extra time before we leave!


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