Our 5,000 Mile Dity Move!

We are getting ready to PCS from England to go to Alaska and we couldn’t be more excited! What will make this PCS even more exciting is that we are driving from New York all the way to Alaska to do a Dity (Do-it-Yourself) move. We chose to do this so that we could visit family along the way since we’ll actually be farther away in Alaska than we are being in England AND we need to get me a car and it’ll be cheaper to get one in the lower 48. Not only that but if it’s done right you can make some extra money moving yourself to the next base. SO here’s the plan…


This is our general route since Google Maps won’t let me put in all of our stops 😛 We’ll spend some time in New York visiting family and getting a car. Once all of that is taken care of we’ll set off!


We are only allowed 13 days to drive from New York to Alaska so we’ll spend about 6 days driving through the lower 48, stopping to visit friends and family…


Then we’ll spend the remaining 7 days working our way through Canada and finally into Alaska <3 With traffic and some wrong turns this will end up being a 5,000 mile, 100 hour road trip…Bring it! 😛

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