Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in Europe! I’ve been 3 times since we’ve been over here and I’ve done something a little different each time. I honestly don’t know what it is about this city that I like so much but I really do love it! One of the nice things about the city is that its very compact. You don’t have to walk forever to get around to see and do things which I like and you can pretty much see the entire city from the castle. The other nice thing about Edinburgh is that there’s a variety of things to do!

Trip 1


The first time we went we got the Edinburgh pass, which got us into a lot of cool places like Camera Obscura. This is just a fun place of illusions but at the top they also have a live view of the town below through a camera made up only of mirrors…hard to explain but it was really cool!




You can also get some great views of the city from the top of this building as well!



Calton Hill in the distance


There is also a hike you can do to get up to see King Arthurs Seat. Initially we thought that up this hill was King Arthurs Seat. Once we got to the top we realized we were wrong.


Once we reached a point where we could see beyond the hill we were climbing, we realized we were definitely on the wrong hill and the right one was way off in the distance and way bigger than the one we were already struggling on SO we headed back.


To my hubby’s relief I did not want to try again the next day on the correct hill 😛


I convinced the hubby to go to Edinburgh with me the first time because they have a Whiskey Experience there where you can get a tour of how whiskey is made and sample some whiskey from different regions in Scotland. Since I don’t drink whiskey the hubby got about 6-8 shots of whiskey all to himself! They have so much whiskey there though. They even have a room that is floor to ceiling full of different whiskeys. It was overwhelming lol

Not only is the city great but you can also do day tours from the city into the Highlands which are just beautiful rain or shine. If you’re able to I would recommend driving through the highlands instead of doing a bus tour only because that allows you to stop more often along the way to take pictures outside rather than through the glass of the bus. The bus does make a few stops along the way but still.

Trip 3

I ended up going to Edinburgh with a friend for the Christmas Market one year also. But I’m going to tell you right now if the Christmas market isn’t in Germany, it’s not a Christmas market! The ones outside of Germany are more like winter carnivals rather than Christmas markets which focus more on  food and christmas decorations and gifts to see and buy.





I also went into the castle for the first time on this trip and you can get some nice views of the city from there too.




This was only a day trip but we just about walked around the entire city in the few hours we were there!



Well, there you have it! My 3 trips to Edinburgh. Even though I did something a little different each time I still enjoyed every trip I made there <3 Don’t forget to like, comment and follow 🙂



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