This was our last trip out of the country before the move! I was really looking forward to it and although the hubby had been before it was during New Years so he didn’t get to explore too much.

Day 1

So when we went this time we did a walking tour with White Umbrella Tours and our tour guide was incredible! He was an American who decided to go backpacking in Europe after serving in the military and going to school and ended up in Prague because he liked it so much!

The tour took us around the main square where we got a lot of history but very entertaining history! He told us about the church you see below and how the top two steeples are two different sizes. Apparently the builders lost the plans during a battle/war and tried to wing it but it didn’t quite work out. So the church decided to tell the people that they represent the masculine and feminine aspects of the world or Adam and Eve.


We walked by the astronomical clock around the corner of the square. Our tour guides advice about seeing the clock show was to watch peoples reactions to the show rather than trying to the see the show itself. While the clock is amazing the clock show is extremely anticlimactic but people still gather in huge crowds to see it.


More walking around and history…



Towards the end of the tour we made it into the old town in front of the Jewish museum. We didn’t go inside but there is a public bathroom down the street where you can see some of the headstones from the cemetery.


We ended the tour in front of the Municipal House where they have a lot of concerts.


After the tour we wen to the Lennon Wall which was was a bit of a let down but our tour guide warned us about it. I’m a sucker for street art though so I went anyway. Our tour guide ended up being right. Because its such a popular area and because anyone can paint on it anytime, its become less artistic and more of a mess of nonsense. But I’m still glad I saw it.


Day 2

Today we were going to explore Prague Castle, which is absolutely massive so we only walked the grounds for so long before heading in a different direction. Plus it was quite a steep walk to get up there so we were exhausted by the time we reached the top. But first we spent some time looking around on Charles Bridge.


Photo Bomb 😛


We found some fried potato spirals on the way up the to castle and they were GOOD!


Then we managed to get up to the castle which gives you some pretty awesome views of the buildings below.


After the Castle we decided we would take the cable car up to Petřín Lookout Tower but we wandered around looking for where the cable car started and ended up on the walking trail leading up to the tower instead. It’s a very long walk and pretty steep but we made it!

Petřín Lookout Tower

We paid to go up to the top but its so busy up there that we just took a few pictures half way down the tower and that was good enough for us 🙂


And there was this very pretty building up on the hill as well.


Last note about Prague. The metros are very easy to navigate and they’re very cheap BUT you have to have change in order to get a ticket. The machines are very old and only take coins and there aren’t place to make change. They don’t have any screens to flip through ticket types or other instructions either so we just kind of guessed and hoped for the best. We also never saw anyone supervising or patrolling the metro while we were there so we weren’t too concerned with getting caught with the wrong ticket or a ticket that wasn’t validated with a stamp BUT there isn’t anyone around to go to for help either.


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