Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are a super easy way to go a little green! Even though plastic bags are convenient they are the worst for the environment.


Getting just a few reusable bags could help keep hundreds of plastic bags from ending up in the environment, contributing to the pollution on the planet. I even found some reusable produce bags to avoid having to use the plastic produce bags at the store.


I don’t always remember to bring my bags though in which case I will throw some items in my purse or try to hand carry stuff to my car. If I have a lot of things I will just put each item back in the cart after scanning it, take the cart to the car and unload the items bagless. I tend to forget the produce bags more than I forget the big bags so I’ll just go to the check out with the produce loose and have it weighed that way.

In order to help me be prepared even when I forget my bags I leave some extra bags in the trunk of my car and 1 reusable bag that folds up really small in each of my purses!

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