Dublin for St. Patty’s Day

After a long drought of the hubby being too busy to go on any trips with me we finally got to go to Dublin together for St. Patrick’s Day! Well actually we left the day before St. Patty’s Day but people were celebrating nonetheless πŸ˜›

One of the first places we went to was the Jameson factory because the hubby likes his whiskey!


They showed us how the whiskey was made…


…then gave us a few samples. And lucky for the hubby, I don’t like whiskey so he got 6 shots all to himself!


After the tour we tried to wait a while to see if these nice lady’s would find a reason to scooch so we could get a picture with the sign but it never happened so the hubby made do haha


We stumbled on this restaurant and OMG I had my ultimate favorite meal there! I wasn’t vegan at the time but it was at least vegetarian. The place was called Taste of Brazil and I got the leek and potato soup with breaded eggplant <3

Can you see the hubby making faces in the door? haha
Creme De Alho PorΓ³ – Bowl of cream soup based on leek, potatoes and onions specially prepared with coconut milk.Β 
Beringela Á Moda Da Casa – Breaded slices of aubergine with braised vegetables topped with homemade blue cheese sauce serves with rice and hand cut roasted potatoes

We walked around the city seeing the Cathedral, Trinity College and my favorite, someone painting the street! Weird I know but I had never seen someone paint the road with a tool like that before πŸ˜›





Another day we went to the Guinness factory. You guessed it, the hubby likes his whiskey and his beer!


There we got to make our “perfect pint of Guinness” and drink up!


This was my first time trying Guinness an it was no bueno but I don’t like beer anyway so I’m not a good judge of flavor πŸ˜›

We also went to the wax museum and I got to meet my favorite character in person! Can you tell how excited I was??? Told you I’m a kid at heart <3


Even though we weren’t there on St. Patrick’s Day the city was still lit up with green lights in celebration!



The very last day we were there we went to go see a moving exhibit called Animal Inside Out and it was really interesting! They use a plastic based liquid to inject into deceased animals, including some humans, in order to show the blood vessels or muscle tissue.


You can’t take photos inside so I got these courtesy of the Irish Times website.




I really enjoyed getting to on another trip with the hubby! He makes things that much more fun and interesting <3




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