High School Graduation

The summer before my senior year we moved to Germany, which I was not too happy about in the beginning but it turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in my life.If you didn’t know I went to 4 different high schools. I spent half of my freshman year at one in D.C., another 1.5 years at another school in D.C., one year at a school in Maryland and my last year at a school after moving to Germany. Even though we lived in Germany the school I went to was an International school in the Netherlands so I had quite the bus ride! The school was small and it contained all grades from pre-k to seniors so the high school section was even smaller. The small environment was great though and forced people to get close and take care of each other (especially with all the drinking we did at the clubs and bars!)

My graduating class was around 50 students including the one’s who weren’t American, like the Germans and Dutch students.


I graduated with no sash or rope and I was completely alright with that!


I’m glad my dad and brother moved to England the same time mom and I moved to Germany because it was easier for them to be there with me 🙂


We went out to dinner and then of course to a friends house for more celebrating.

I wasn’t vegan at the time either :/

And I can’t forget our graduation song: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

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