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Val d’Allos & Monaco

A few years ago a big group of us headed to Val d’Allos in southern France for some snowboarding! The drive down there was LONG and I didn’t even drive haha The mountains were beautiful coming in though.


Val d’Allos

Val d’Allos was just as picturesque ❤


There were tons of slopes to choose from, even a beginner slope to help the newbies learn. I’m pretty terrible at getting off the lift chairs with my board still attached so I mostly stuck to the lifts where I could stand and hold my board when I hoped off.


From our balcony!


Hubby gettin’ it on the slopes!
I’m much more cautious 😛


It was great being out in the fresh mountain air getting some good exercise!


A few of us chose to driver over to Monaco one of the days on the trip to look around, which was gorgeous during the day and at night.





This trip was well worth the longest ride in the backseat of an overpacked car! I would do it again in a heartbeat ❤

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