Paper Free Kitchen

A few years ago I replaced all of our paper kitchen products with towels! We haven’t had paper napkins or paper towels in the house since 🙂

Instead we purchased a few more kitchen towels including some microfiber ones as well as some cloth napkins, which have held up really well. Since we’ve had a paper free kitchen for so long now I just wanted to share some of the pros and cons we’ve experienced along the way.


#1 Cloth towels and napkins save our trees! We need all the carbon dioxide absorbing trees as we can get on our polluted planet.

#2 You can get way more use out of a cloth towel or napkin than you can compared to the paper versions. We usually have a hand towel out just for drying our hands, we can use one towel to dry a bunch of dishes and we can wipe down our entire dining room table and kitchen counter with one towel too!

#3 We save so much money by not buying paper towels and paper napkins all the time! “We’re spending that money on water by having to wash them all” you say? Well, you’re right. But it helps us make sure our loads are full when we do start the wash. The hubby wears a uniform to work and alternates between two of them so he need to do laundry more often and I have a lot of clothes that have to be washed on a delicate cycle. So without this big mass of towels we would be forced to start a load that wasn’t full, which wastes water. Now we’re getting the most out of every wash!


#1 Running of towels when you need one is really inconvenient! We do have a lot of kitchen towels but sometimes we forget to throw a load into the washer and when we need a towel, its dirty. This can happen with paper products too it just takes a bit less time to go to the store and buy some than it does to wash dirty towels. BUT if you really make a mess and need a clean towel we can always use our bathroom towels and throw it in the wash!

#2 We don’t have any kids but if we did I imagine we’d be going through lots of wipes and napkins to keep the kid and the place clean. We only have so many cloth towels and napkins and we could always get a few small cheap ones for those more frequent messes but at some point its just easier to have disposable paper products than it is to be eco friendly.

The Middle Ground

The good thing is you don’t have to chose one or the other. If all you have in your kitchen are paper napkins and paper towels then you can get a few towels for drying your hands with. Even if you don’t remember to use a towel every time at least you’ve saved 1 napkin or 1 paper towel by drying off or wiping down with a cloth version <3

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