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In the End

I wrote this back in high school in my hurt book which acted as my journal for expressing all of my painful experiences. I didn’t have many friends once I started high school just boyfriends mostly so a lot of my poems are about my relationships.

Sitting alone in the dark.
Wishing things were different,
Wishing i was good enough,
Wishing i was happy.
Wondering what i did wrong,
What i did right.
What i didn’t do,
What i could have done.
I so badly wanted to make you happy,
Make you proud of me,
Make you want me like you used to,
But I didn’t know the way.
I got lost.
Got scared.
And swerved into the wall at the dead end.
I knew this was coming,
But I never thought it’d be so soon.
I wish I had more time with you,
But time would have only made it worse.
Time would have killed us,
But i got to it first.


-Aubrie Bowser

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