Cambridgeshire Yoga and Vegan Festival

We treated this as our “Date Night” in June and it turned out to be a really wonderful day!

The hubby does not like doing yoga with me. He will if I ask him to which is really nice but he doesn’t enjoy him so I try not to force it on him. But I really wanted to go to this festival and I wouldn’t have dragged him along if I had a GPS to find my way there and back but alas! Lucky hubby 😛

I had looked online to see which classes I wanted to do but we got there late or classes were full so we just went outside and joined two of the large classes out there. It worked out perfectly because I had planned to do one of the meditation classes first and the yoga class outside was basically a meditation. We laid on our mats with our eyes closed as the instructor chanted and beat her drum. Not my thing but it was relaxing anyway.


Then there was joy yoga! The instructor was so amazing even the hubby had a great time 🙂 There were a lot of partner poses, a lot of thanking our bodies and our partners bodies for how incredible they were, and a lot of laughing in the process. The best part was being able to do some team building exercises with the hubby and knowing that he actually had a good time.


I also bought two bracelets that I wear above my FitBit just to remind me to be mindful during the day!


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