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I grew up eating animal products. I actually spent 20 years of my life consuming animal products without really considering the consequences to both myself, the animals and the environment. After the hubby and I ran out of things to watch on Netflix we started watching a lot of documentaries and thats what got me going. There are tons of documentaries out there about healthy eating and I feel like we watched any and all that showed up in our Netflix! Documentaries like What the Health, Fed Up and Food Inc. are just a few of the ones that I’ve watched.

What I loved about watching these documentaries was that it forced me to think about my eating habits. It made me consider things that I had never really given too much thought to before. I didn’t become vegan over night though. After maybe 5-10 documentaries I tried to go vegetarian, and I did off and on for a few years depending on how hectic my life was at the time. I struggled to keep up with just being vegetarian. I didn’t plan my meals ahead of time, I craved the meals I had eaten in the past, and it was just easier for me to find and make foods that I liked when it wasn’t vegetarian. One documentary in particular changed everything for me.

If you know someone who’s vegan you’ve probably heard of the documentary Earthlings.


This documentary is no joke! It sugar coats nothing and is not in any way a baby step into the realities of animal product production, use and consumption. I watched this with my hubby and I honestly couldn’t even keep my eyes on the screen the entire time. Simply hearing the film was enough to make me absolutely horrified with what I was contributing to by consuming animal products. After the documentary ended I immediately went through the house and threw away anything containing an animal product. I was ALL DONE! 

I would recommend that everyone watches this documentary. I say that not as a challenge to see if you can stick to consuming animal products after watching it but as a way of opening your eyes. It is one thing to know that an animal has to die in order for you to eat that hamburger. It is another thing to see it happen and see the way that we do it. I have nothing against people that consume animal products because I was one of those people. I just wished that somebody had shown me this years ago so that I could have made the change not only for my health but for the sake of the animals being abused as well as the environment.

However, as I mentioned before I had watched a lot of health documentaries, which doesn’t make me any kind of expert, but the variety of videos I watched also talked about the effects that consuming animal products has on your health. Initially I tried to go vegetarian for health reason but I lacked the commitment to be healthy and thats why it didn’t stick for me. I needed to make the emotional connection with the animals I was causing harm to in order to stop. When I look at meat now I feel sick, my heart drops, its a very somber feeling. The combination of knowing the health and environmental consequences partnered with the sickening feeling I got around animal products keeps me from going back. It keeps me from making a sometimes easier, more convenient choice.

{Disclaimer: I am not going to starve myself in order to stay vegan. If I am desperately hungry I will try my best to find something as close to being vegan as possible.}

My hubby is an animal lover like no one else I know and it was one of his friends that suggested we watch Earthlings. After we saw it we were both on board with going vegan but recently I’ve been abandoned <3 but it’s ok. He still missed eating meat after watching the film and the cravings never stopped for him. He said he didn’t get the same satisfaction from eating vegan and was always hungry. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I’m not an amazing cook and he isn’t actively involved in packing his lunches for work. Anyway, he eats meat now when we’re out and it’s been much harder than I thought it would be to watch him. Not because I’m jealous that he’s eating animal products because I genuinely don’t miss them but it’s hard to know that he knows what he’s contributing to every time he orders something with animal products in it. Which, by the way, is way more often than I expected it to be after he told me he was going eat “normally” sometimes. This is going to be even more challenging when we get to Alaska because he plans to fish and hunt moose so…fun. But he’s still my hubby and I love him to pieces no matter what <3

I’m not against consuming animal products when you have to but majority of us don’t have to. A very common misconception is that you can’t get enough protein or calcium on a plant-based diet but you absolutely can! You won’t just happen upon a balanced diet though, it takes a little bit of knowledge and planning to do it right.

Even if you watch all of the documentaries out there and do your research you may still not be convinced to change 100%. That’s ok but every little bit counts! Start a meatless Monday, give up dairy for a month, or swap out some animal products for easy alternatives like replacing cows milk with a non-dairy kind or getting a dairy-free butter. Baby steps are still steps! <3

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