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May Date Night

My turn again to plan date night! This was turned out to be more planned than usual and much less of a surprise. The hubby had planned to go on a day trip with some of his friends but the plans fell through so I suggested he just invite them to our Jurassic Park Movie Marathon Date Night! the hubby LOVES Jurassic Park so I gathered all 4 movies and made a bunch of vegan, dinosaur themed snacks 🙂

Salsa and chips, Guacamole Bruschetta, Hummus with carrots, cucumbers and dinosaur pittas, Dino Cocktail (Blue Curacao, Malibu and Pineapple Juice), AND chocolate banana bread cupcakes!



And don’t forget the Vegan Paella!


We got started a little late and only managed to get through 3 of the 4 movies but the hubby and I watched the 4th one together in the morning ❤

The hubby’s new favorite mug 😛

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