March Date Night

My turn to plan Date Night this month! Since I haven’t been working while we’re preparing to PCS I had a lot of time to put this one together. Since the hubby is interested in science topics I thought I would plan a few science experiments we could do at home! But first, whats in the bag?

Mr. and Mrs. Science T-shirts!

I just used two of my hubby’s extra white t-shirts and some fabric markers to make these to keep us from getting messy. After you iron the shirt once you’ve got the fabric maker design on there you can’t wash it and keep the design on the fabric πŸ™‚

Here’s what was on the list of science experiments to try…


And here’s the table all set up with the materials, instructions and explanations of the science experiments plus my wicked sweet (very last minute) SCIENCE board!


We messed around with putting a bunch of seltzer tablets into our oil and water lava lamp to get the maximum amount of bubbles even though it wasn’t quite like a real lava lamp.


My hubby really got excited over the traveling flame experiment where you light a candle, blow it out and then light the black smoke that rises from the candle. The flame will travel down the smoke and relight the candle!


The leak proof bag was interesting but a little anticlimactic…


At first the hubby was not impressed with the rice in a bottle experiment but once he lifted the bottle with a chopstick stuck in all the rice he got excited πŸ˜›

The other experiments were a little difficult to photograph but they were very cool! (Except for the Hot Ice experiment which we just couldn’t get to work for us.) The coolest of them all was the Soda Snake but unfortunately it only worked for me while I was testing out the experiments to make sure they worked…go figure. So the hubby didn’t get to see it. Instead we watched a video on youtube and he was satisfied with that.Β It took us about 1-2 hours to get through all of the experiments and it was a fun at home date night activity!

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