February Date Night

Our very first Date Night after we got married! The hubby decided he wanted to plan the date for February and he is notoriously bad at keeping a secret so every though I could already guess what we were going to do I still acted overly surprised just for him. I even opened the bag all obnoxious and creepy like 😛

The hubby is less creative with what he puts in the bag so he printed out our tickets to the Gravity Trampoline Park in Norwich. This place was A LOT of fun and an AMAZING workout! They give you some bright orange socks with grippy dots on the bottom to help keep you from slipping around on the trampolines. You can also put your belongings into one of the lockers they have available off to the side. Before you get to jumping they have you watch a short safety video and are lead through a quick warm up guided by one of the employees. Our ticket let us jump for a full hour and even though we’re in decent shape we couldn’t jump the entire time! The music was great, there were a few areas off of the main jumping space to do a flip over a short ledge, shoot basketballs, or jump against some vertical trampolines. They even had a separate small area for the little ones to jump around. In the end I burned 454 calories jumping around but it was so much fun you hardly noticed how much exercise you were doing. There’s a little place to get food and drinks off to the side of the trampoline area and you will need to refuel after all of the exercise! We opted to go to the T.G.I.F. right across the street of the trampoline park instead though.


My baybuh did a great job planning this date night activity! We both had so much fun 🙂

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