We “Eloped”

If you haven’t seen my Iceland Road Trip post yet I talk a little bit about getting engaged! I knew the hubby was going to ask me on this trip but he still managed somehow to catch me off guard and surprise me which was awesome!


We got married only a month later and making the decision to get married how we did was not easy. Our family members are all over the place and we were an ocean away from them all so either we would have a full on wedding and wait or we would have to compromise on some things and get married sooner. We had dated for 4 years and after a messy summer the hubby wanted to get married as soon as possible. At first he suggested a double proxy marriage which would have gotten us married quick and cheap but we wouldn’t be together signing our certificate or saying vows or having a real date to celebrate.


After doing A LOT of research I found D.C. Elopements online. A package with this company provided an officiant, photography and all of our documents. All we had to do was find a location and show up. We could even invite a few family members to join us. This worked out wonderfully for us! My parents lived in Maryland at the time so they were able to help us look for locations, places to eat, getting the cake, etc.

So we flew over a few days before our date, celebrated our 4th year anniversary, and made our final preparations!


The day turned out great! We booked a hotel room at AKA White House in D.C. and we got there the day before so we could get the space set up for the ceremony.


Booking the room for the night before also allowed us to get ready in the morning without rushing or worrying much about time.


Before the ceremony we got a few pictures of our first look since I had kept my dress a secret from the soon to be hubby!


Let me tell you, I was such a mix of nervous and excited about today that I was smiling and laughing my way through the ceremony! But we had a wonderful officiant, Kiana Hebron, that guided us through everything. 15697788_10207869947492037_2587066679658376684_n.jpg



Not only was our officiant great but our photographer, Denis Largeron, did an amazing job as well!



While it was really nice being able to have family with us that day, we weren’t able to invite everyone, which is the only negative to the day. The package we purchased only allowed for so many people to be involved in the ceremony to really have it count as an elopement. Numbers added up very quickly for us when considering who we really wanted to be there with us and although some family members were close by or would have come out to be there with us it was just better for us to keep it as small as we did.



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