My European Selfie Trips

If you haven’t seen My First Selfie Trip! Portugal Edition post, I go into detail about deciding to go on a trip by myself, how the trip went and all of the things that I learned about Lisbon and Belém. But just to recap I’ll briefly go through my first selfie trip as well as the other 4 selfie trips I took while living in England!

Selfie Trip #1

Lisbon and Belém

This ended up being a really great trip, a wonderful learning experience, and it gave me the confidence to go on more trips by myself. This was a 4 day trip between Lisbon and Belém with 2 walking tours. Now that I’m writing this I realize that Belém was a short bus ride away from Lisbon and I have a bit of a fear of riding buses on my own so I’m super proud of myself for doing that! One of the things I found more challenging with Portugal was the opening and closing times for restaurants. Places were open for lunch and dinner really late for me and I 1) completely shut down when I’m hungry, which is not an option when I’m by myself and 2) I didn’t want to be out of the hotel at night so thankfully the hotel had a restaurant for me to eat dinner.


Selfie Trip #2


I love Germany and lived there for 3 years without going to Berlin so this was a must for me and an excuse to visit “home”. This was a 3 day trip with a walking tour and lots of pommes frittes! I even got lucky and got to see the Festival of Lights which was awesome! I did end up getting a bit lost at night to find the monuments but I was hardly nervous in this city.

The Berlin Cathedral on the Spree


The Festival of Lights Berlin 2015

Selfie Trip #3

Cardiff, Llanelli and Bristol

This was the first selfie trip where I drove a long distance by myself but I had driven to Wales before with a friend and figured I could do it again by myself. I didn’t stay in Cardiff long because it was super busy with a football game going on and a guy really creeped me out when I was getting ready to leave the park so I just headed back to the car to go to Llanelli.

Sculpture in Cardiff park

Llanelli was a really nice, chill place to get away. Not much of a tourist destination although the Llanelli Wetland Center was a lot of fun! The hubby and I ended up coming back to the Wetland Center on my very first camping trip.

Llanelli Beach

I really liked Bristol! It had lots of character and a huge hill to hike up in the middle of the city to get some amazing views.

Bristol Hill

Selfie Trip #4

Greenwich, Canterbury and Leeds Castle

This trip was very much just a get away from things trip. I didn’t really have any plans for this one just destinations to stop at. Greenwich was really cool! I do wish I would have known there was parking all the way at the top of the hill where the observatory is though but exercise is good for you anyway. The views from up there were incredible too so well worth the walk and the observatory show was pretty cool as well.

View from Greenwich Hill

I chose to stay the night in Canterbury because it was a bigger town near Leeds Castle so I just did a little walking around in the area.

Canterbury Cathedral

Leeds Castle was nice but I’m not much into history and this was the trip I realized that after seeing a few castles they were becoming less and less interesting to me. The outside was very different. Its a pretty large castle surrounded by a moat and a lovely garden area to walk through. I only wish that I had saved some money and not went inside to look around.

Leeds Castle

Selfie Trip #5

Rome and Florence

This was another 4 day trip and I did by FAR the most walking on this trip than I have on any other trip I’ve been on. Even Lisbon with that 5 hour walking tour! Rome was beautiful though but the one thing that surprised me was that some of the major landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum just snuck up on me. I was expecting them to have more of a platform, more space around them to really highlight them. The Trevi Fountain is literally down a few alley ways and you come around a building and there it is! Tucked in and surrounded very closely by other random buildings. And for whatever reason I thought it was going to be much bigger BUT it was still impressive! I took the metro to get to the Colosseum early one morning expecting to need to walk up to it to get close but no it was literally right across the street from the metro exit. Right on the road. Made it easier for me at least! I didn’t pay to go inside or to get into the Roman Forum but if you walk past it and down to the Altare della Patria, theres a path right in the back where you can walk up for free and get some great views of the forum.

St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome
The Pantheon, Rome
The Roman Forum, Rome

I booked a group tour to go to Florence from Rome. We took a train together and had a tour around the city. Unfortunately I didn’t bring good shoes for this trip and I have some bad ankles. I am also not a huge fan of museums so I asked to leave the tour so that I could make it to the things I really wanted to see before my ankles completely gave out. I decided to go up the Bell Tower next to the Cathedral instead of going up the Cathedral itself. 1) the line was ridiculously long for the Cathedral and 2) I wanted to get a picture with the Cathedral in it as well. The bell tower is literally only a few meters shorter than the Cathedral so you still get amazing views of the city. And the Cathedral was AMAZING! There is so much detail it was unbelievable. You can’t really see all of the work and detail in the photos but in person it’s just incredibly impressive!

View from the Bell Tower
Arno River
The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Well there you go! The 5 Selfie Trips I’ve been on in Europe. If you missed some of my other travel posts make sure to check out the Travel section on the Home Page!

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