First Camping Trip! Wales Edition

This past weekend I went on my very first camping trip with my hubby in Wales! It was amazeballs and I wish we had started doing trips like these a long time ago. Not only is camping wonderful in and of itself BUT Wales is just breathtaking! Similar to Scotland just not as far away from us 🙂

I have “camped” in the backyard a few times just to baby step my way into this camping business and according to the hubby this camping trip was another baby step. We stayed in 2 campgrounds, one in Llanelli and another in Betws-y-coed, but both were on someones farm property. So the grass was cut, there were facilities, and they were both really close to a town to get supplies or to be closer to civilization. We were also able to park our car right next to our tent in both places so we were able to bring and easily access a ton of stuff! My husband is used to camping in the states where you camp way more in the wilderness, which I am really looking forward to but this trip was, again, another nice way of baby stepping my way into more intense experiences.

So this was the route that we took and some of the stops that we made along the way.

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Day 1

The first day we stopped to see Stonehenge because the hubby hadn’t gone yet. When I had gone a few years ago you could park right across the street, pay and it was right there. You could even take photos from the street. Now they’ve built a parking lot quite a ways away from the stones which is nice because theres a lot more parking that I remember. However, the tickets were 17 pounds each and there was a 1.5 mile walk or bus ride you had to take in order to get up to see the stones. The bus ride was free there and back with the tickets but it wasn’t worth waiting in the very long lines to catch a bus so we walked. The stones are very anti-climactic. They are really something you could just drive by and be good to go. Not worth 17 pounds but I guess it’s one of this things that you just can’t not see if you’re in the area.
After Stonehenge we drove up to Llanelli! We spent the night at the Caemawr Campsite which was beautiful. You could see the town and the ocean from the hill we were on and in the fenced area right in front of our tent there were a few horses to watch as well as the bunnies that ran through the field. The bathroom and showers were a distance away closer to the house but there was a toilet and sink just at the top of the campgrounds which made the nighttime potty breaks way more convenient and there was a water spout closely so we could cook and clean our stuff.

Day 2

I’ve been to Llanelli on a selfie trip before and I really enjoyed it. Llanelli is not a tourist destination it’s more of a small seaside town which made it a very chill trip. The one thing I really liked about Llanelli though was the Wetland Center. This place has a lot of area to walk through and bird watch but you can also buy bird seed and feed the birds in the area. A lot of the birds will come up to you if they see you have food and they’ll eat right our of your hand! This was my husbands favorite part of the trip because he LOVES animals. It is definitely worth the money to spend the day here!

After the Wetland Center we headed up to Snowdonia but along the way we stopped to eat in New Quay which is right on the water and then we continued up to our campsite in Betws-y-coed. Ryny’s Farm Campsite was also very nice. Much more populated than in Llanelli but it was also Saturday when we showed up. There was tons of space for people on this property however and the field was more diverse with more hills, trees and side areas for more privacy. This campsite had more facilities that were situated farther from where we set up our tent so it took just a bit of walking to get up there but not too far.

After we set up camp we still had a bit of daylight to burn so we headed out to find the Fairy Glen. The first time I came to Snowdonia I really wanted to see this place but didn’t get the chance so I was super excited about this. WARNING: It is no cake walk to see the Fairy Glen! There is a path to take to the see the Fairy Glen and a path to take to do the river walk. The path for the Fairy Glen has no safety rails and has a very step trial in some parts. There are also vary large rocks you need to maneuver through in order to really get a view so wear the right shoes and be physically prepared for this if you choose to go. It also costs 1 pound for parking and 50 pence per person to go see the Fairy Glen which I wasn’t aware of before. There a little box you put the change in before hitting the trail. I was also expecting the Fairy Glen to be a much longer trail and it was very short. So that was the only thing that was disappointing. Otherwise it was beautiful and a good workout! I ended up being able to climb the big rock on the right hand side in the picture below to take some pictures.

Day 3

Today was the Snowdon Railway day. When I came to Snowdonia before a friend and I took the Snowdon trail up the hills but the wind was too strong so we weren’t able to go all the way to the top. It was still pretty beautiful, fog and all and we ended up seeing the most amazing rainbow!

Before we went to the Railway we spent the morning in Betws-y-coed. This is such a nice area with little shops and places to eat and lots of trails to take through the woods. We did the white trail which took us about 1.5 hours to complete. SUPER steep in the beginning but it was a great walk! My hubby even got in the river to cool off after the hike.

After we ate and looked around we headed out to the Railway which was about 30 minutes away. The train ride takes 1 hour going up, then you spend 30 minutes looking around and then another 1 hour ride going down. It can get very hot on this train. There are lots of people packed in there and although there are windows in every row on both sides of the train for people to take pictures, they only open about 1/3 of the door length for safety reasons I imagine but it was not enough in the heat we were in. Just be prepared for that and wear some comfortable clothing for the ride.

The views from up here were really amazing! I didn’t mind the heat at all if it meant I could see as far out as we were able to. You could see the roads and towns down in the valleys and the ocean out in the distance. Just incredible!

Day 4

All we did today was pack up and head home. We had planned to stop in Birmingham on the way back but we didn’t want a trip to the city to interfere with the sense of calm we got from being out in nature for several days. Plus we were really tired and trying to park and walk around cities can get pretty stressful.


I’m vegan (hubby not so much anymore) but I just wanted to quickly share with you what we took on this camping trip. We don’t have a cooler so all of the food we brought was pantry friendly or something we could cook with water since we did bring a camping stove.
Since this was my first time camping I wasn’t sure what or how much to bring food wise. So I had planned to have a Nature Valley bar with a fruit cup in the morning, then a peanut butter and honey sandwich with trail mix for lunch. The trail mix was a mix of pretzels, raisins, peanut butter chips, Brookside dark chocolate acai and blueberry flavors, and honey nut Cherrios. I am a “vegan” that still eats honey but if you don’t you can always substitute the bars and the honey in the sandwich for something else. Then we made either a rice mix or chili for dinner.

A few things that I learned regarding the food is that the canned chili was not as good as I was hoping so I wont be taking that again! Also the boxed rices are 2.5 servings but one box wasn’t really enough for the hubby and I but 2 boxes was way too much. We also ran low on trail mix but the heat was actually kind of nice because when the peanut butter chips melted and then cooled it was much easier to eat because it collected the smaller bits of Cherrios, raisins and the Dark chocolate.

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    1. Thank you! I do quite a lot of selfie trips because the hubby either doesn’t want to go or can’t get leave from work and this would have been a pretty easy trip to do myself if I had ever gone camping before. Ask some friends or other family to go with you instead though! Wales is too beautiful of a place not to go camping at 🙂

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